Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Delicious Coconut Milk: Chocolate Mint

You probably thought I stopped reviewing things, didn't you?

No, I haven't!  On the contrary, I've found so many things to try that I actually got overwhelmed and kind of got vapor locked over what to review next.  That's pretty sad when you think about it.  At any rate, I decided that I'd just stop thinking and start writing, so here I am!

I can feel your excitement from here!  WOOOOOOO!


So today we are going to talk about something I thought I'd never, ever drink: a dairy-free milk alternative.  It isn't that I'm against milk alternatives or anything.  I know some people can't drink regular milk, and some people won't drink it, but the idea of drinking something milk-like that isn't actually milk kind of gives me the heebies.  It's totally an irrational mental-block, I know, because I've used soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk as ingredients in recipes before without any problem, but actually drinking the stuff straight...blargh.  I honestly have no idea why the idea of drinking processed vegetable and nut milks bother me, but I'll drink the hell out of something excreted out of cow teats. 

Humans are weird.

Anyway, back to the product!  On a recent trip to Earth Fare, I was walking by the dairy case when the festive, holiday themed, green carton caught my eye!  Normally I see these products and have zero interest in trying them, but this time the word "Chocolate" was involved, and as cliche as it is...I have a weakness.  I've seen chocolate flavored coconut milk before and never bought any, but this had the added attraction of mint, PLUS it had the two words that almost guarantee that I'd buy it, "Limited Edition."  Yes, the masterminds of psychological marketing got to me.  I saw that it was limited edition and my inner voice said that if I didn't try it now, I'd never get the chance, and I'd be lying on my death bed one day wondering what it tasted like.

So I brought it home and put it in the fridge, only to pass up actually drinking any of it for a while.  That happens sometimes with things I've never tasted before.  I really want to try it, but I have to talk myself into it first.  The serving size is 1/2 a cup, and I finally figured that if I couldn't try at least that much, then I was a coward and had no business ever buying products I'd never tasted before.  Coconut milk shouldn't be the cause of such great internal struggles.

It looked like regular chocolate milk, albeit not as thick.  It had an odd smell to it.  It wasn't unpleasant or anything, but it was a mixture of mint and fake chocolate, so it kind of smelled chalky in a way.  Like when you smell chocolate milk powder is the best way to describe it.  It wasn't a rich, deep smell of chocolate, but it was absolutely there.  Mostly the mint was the most prevalent thing. 

The drink itself is actually kind of nice.  It was sweet and cold, and the mint and chocolate mixed well together. Although I thought it would taste like coconut, too, there was only a hint of it right at the beginning.  I wonder how they do that.  You'd think something made from coconut would taste of coconut, but it didn't.  Weirdness.  It wasn't as thick and rich as real chocolate milk, and it was definitely missing something, although I can't really put my finger on what that could be.  Maybe it was a textural thing, or a viscosity thing.  Ready made chocolate milk is usually very thick, so I may have been subconsciously looking for that.  It would actually be really good poured into coffee or frozen and blended into a slushy, though.  I actually enjoyed the drink itself and have had it several times since opening the carton.

If I have any complaints, it would be that it was a bit watery in both taste and body.  It wasn't a terrible thing, but it was noticeable. Also, it would be nice if the chocolate taste was a bit stronger, but mint is such a strong taste anyway, I'm sure it's just overshadowing things.  Show off!  Also...the ingredient list says it contains "monk fruit."  This seems to be yet another kind of non caloric sweetener.  I've never heard of it before and I can't taste it, but if I start chanting and shave my head in a tonsure, I'll let you know.

My conclusion?  I liked it and while I may not buy it again, I'm certainly not as heebed out by the idea of drinking coconut milk as I once was.  I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who can't or won't drink regular milk.  It's a nice treat, but I have to say that I still prefer moo juice to the fake stuff.

TASTE: Nice, a little chalky, maybe a bit watery, but still pretty good.

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