Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Y'all, I got desperate.  For a while, I was doing really well with the weight loss and I ended up losing about 40 pounds. However, I slacked off and some of the weight came back, so I got desperate enough to go back to my old nemesis: Nutrisystem. I'd tried the monthly program years ago, with very little luck, but I thought "Hey, this is only for 7 days!  I can do this!"

It was awful.

I actually wrote this up for my personal blog, so I'm just going to link those for you here.  Enjoy!

Day 1

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Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Friday, November 1, 2013


OK, look, y'all.  I know that this particular set of reviews will not be useful to you unless you are thinking about buying some random Japanese snack foods.  In fact, I have no idea if all of them are Japanese or if some of them are from other places, mainly because I couldn't read the writing on the all of packages, just the English labels that said what each item was.  However, on the off chance that you need to know about this stuff, I reviewed it.  I also reviewed it on a video, which is new for me.  Sorry if I'm not the exotic Nordic goddess you'd envisioned in you mind while reading my other reviews, 'cause I know that's what you were doing.  Also, just a warning, the lighting in my kitchen is terrible, so I look a bit like a sea hag.  You've been warned, so don't be scared.

So, here is the story that prompted this particular thing:  Some of my very favorite cousins know that I like to try new, and often unusual, types of pre-packaged food. (FYI, I specify the "pre-packaged" part, because I'm not the kind of person who walks into a restaurant and orders the weirdest thing on the menu and hopes there isn't some form of testicle in it. I refuse to fall victim to some joker chef's shenanigans.)  Anyway, they sent me a care package crammed full of Asian snacks from a place called H Mart, or at least I think that's what it's called.   I loved-loved-loved the gift, and I thought to myself "Hey, since I can't share the snacks with them (which I probably would have done if they'd been here when I opened the box. Well, unless it was something really good and I wanted to hoard it.) I think I'll let them know what I thought about each package by video, so they can see my reaction to each different thing." So, in all honesty, this video was made specifically for the McGee family, but if you close your eyes and pretend, you can be a McGee for a moment and feel I'm talking to you!  I mean, if you want. 

Eh, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  So here is the video.  I know I usually go into a lot more detail with the items I review, but I made the video in July and just realized that it would be fun to post it here, so you'll just have to pause and write down the names of stuff if you want to buy it yourself because I don't have all of the packaging anymore!  Seriously, just pause the video and write the name of the stuff down.  Geez, I can't do everything for you, you know!

Friday, April 5, 2013


When I was in college, I pretty much dozed through my art history classes for the entire duration of my college career.  It wasn't because I wasn't interested in the subject, because I was. No really!  I promise!  The problem was that the classes were held on the top floor of the art building in a warm, cozy auditorium where the lights were always turned off so that we could more easily see the slides.  Also, it probably didn't help that the 3D Design classes and Print Shop were on lower floors of the building, and occasionally fumes from the spray tents would find their way to our floor and deplete oxygen levels.  It was torture. Hand to God, the only way I was able to stay awake through any of those classes was by the liberal use of caffeine pills.  Of course, those pills came along with the yuck-stomach and the fact that I never seemed to take them at the right time.

I've often thought that if I had made more use of the energy drinks and shots available to me at the time, it would have made a world of difference in my final grades!  It wasn't that I didn't know about energy drinks, Red Bull was a brand I liked, but at the time, my meager student bank account couldn't deal with buying the sheer amounts I would have needed to get me through these classes. Red Bull is expensive, yo.

I'm no longer a student and now I can buy all the Red Bull I want!  Of course, I don't need it as badly, but sometimes I will occasionally buy a can just to drink and not necessarily because I need the caffeine.  I actually kind of like the taste, even though it is never really going to taste "good."  Being a fan of the product, I was actually excited to see that they were coming out with some new flavor "Editions."  Since I generally like Red Bull, but always kind of hope the flavor could be improved upon, I was glad to try it!  I'm not sure where I first heard about them, but I finally came across the actual product at a gas station not far from my house.  I grabbed the cans and bought them, probably making the man behind the counter wonder why a woman my age needed so much energy.  There are three new flavors, Silver (Lime), Blue (Blueberry) and Red (Cranberry) and I'm gonna taste them all!


The website describes this as "A truly distinctive addition: The Silver Edition of Red Bull offers a refreshing lime taste, while it vitalizes the body and mind like the Red Bull Energy drink."

My first sip certainly is very tart. It had a very sharp taste that reminded me more of lemon or sour orange than lime, but let's be honest here...citrus is citrus, especially when it's not real citrus, right? (OK, now the word 'citrus' has lost all meaning to me. Citrus.)  It wasn't so bad, but it wasn't very good either.  That probably sounds bad, but honestly, it wasn't terrible.  I didn't like the taste as much as I like the original Red Bull, but then again, maybe I was anticipating it tasting like the original.

* A Few Sips Later*

Nope. Nope, not at all fond of it.  I mean, it isn't gross.  I can drink it.  But the weird, fake lime taste kind of builds the longer you're drinking it.  It's sour, but sourness has never really bothered me.  It's also kind of bitter, like a really strong bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade with a touch of lemon Pledge mixed in.  To add insult to injury, this somehow didn't even light up my brain like the original Red Bull does, unless it went by so fast I missed it.  Can that happen?  My final verdict is:  Bleh.  Pass.


The website states that "It completes the Red Bull Editions with its fruity, blueberry taste."  Oops, does this mean I drank them out of order?  Geez.

Anyways, the Blue Edition Red Bull punches you in the face before you can even take a sip.  When you first open the can, the smell of artificial blueberries is immediate and strong.  It's not a bad smell at all, but it really reminds me of some blueberry scratch-n-sniff stickers I had once!  The taste is much more authentically "blueberry-ish" although it still has that sour taste that I have begun to associate with all of the Red Bull flavors I've tried.  It's actually kind of nice!  It tastes a lot like the blueberries that you get in boxes of muffin mix, you know, the kind that come in a flat can with the vicious blue juice that stains everything it touches.

This is the flavor I was most hesitant to try, because A) A blueberry flavored soda?  B) A blueberry flavored energy drink? and C) Actually, I don't have a C, but it's not really a list if there are only two examples.  Shut up.  I actually really like this one.  It does taste like blueberries, and it sort of smells like blueberries, but the sour taste actually takes it kind of down the "blue raspberry" path, but not so much that you couldn't call it blueberry.  I don't think I've ever tried a soda like this, and it's very interesting.  Also, I love the can design.  Blue is my most favorite color, so I might be a bit biased.  Anyway, so far I think this is the first Red Bull I could describe as being tasty!  Awesome!  My final verdicts is: Thumbs up!  Try it!


The website says that "The Red Edition has the same high quality ingredients as Red Bull Energy drink and has a sweet cranberry taste."  Hmmmm...that sounds like the copywriter might have run out of interesting things to say about these editions.  "Oh, it's made with good ingredients and tastes like cranberries!"  Maybe he had a dentist appointment to get to and had to finish the advertising really quick.  I don't know.

Actually, the copy is kind of apt.  It does taste like cranberries, although with the distinctive sourness that seems to be a major aspect of all of the Red Bull products I've tried.  I generally enjoy cranberry flavored things, and I liked this Edition just fine, but it didn't really blow my skirt over my head or anything.  I actually had to get another one just to be able to remember what the taste was like, so it's kind of unremarkable.  I hate to say that, because I thought it would be the one I liked the best, but it landed squarely in the MEH category of thinks I've tasted.  I'd probably get it again, though, but just to be polite and because I like the can.

TASTE: Very "Three Little Bears"  Too Yuck (Silver), Too Plain( Red), and Juuuuust Right (Blue)!

Friday, March 8, 2013


I haven't been eating as much chocolate as I'd like.

Well, actually, that's not 100% true, I'm not eating as much INTERESTING chocolate as I'd like.  Shut up, I'm supposed to be eating better.  If I tell people about the chocolate, I'd have to count it as real food!

I recently ordered a sample collection of Chuao chocolates from Birchbox.  Birchbox is basically a very girly, makeup-beauty-lifestyle subscription service where you get a box of 4 or 5 different kinds of samples in the mail every month.  Sometimes you get awesome stuff and sometimes it's kind of meh, but I love it because I've found a lot of different products that I really like without having to buy a full size product.  Also, I love getting mystery boxes in the mail.  I can't help it.

Anyways, sometimes Birchbox sends samples of snacks in the boxes and since I loved the sample of Chuao that they sent me, I ordered the entire box, which is 7 small bars, all of different types AND they're only 50 calories each.  Not bad, really.  I'd had some of the Chuao chocolate before and I knew I liked it, but I wanted a more complete idea of the bars they offered, so this sample box was a great thing.  Each piece is about two inches long, and about 1/3 of an ounce, so it's enough without being too much.

The first one I tried was called Spicy Maya, which is described as "seductive cinnamon, pasilla chili and warming cayenne bedded in dark chocolate."

It. Was. Amazing.  No, not just amazing, it somehow actually tasted sexy.  I know that isn't going to make much sense, but that is the best word I have.  The chocolate was dark and a little bitter with a good melt (not greasy), the cinnamon and chilies added some heat, and every once in a while I'd hit a bit of chili that was a little bigger than the other pieces and it would add a pop of heat.  There was even a slight after burn in my mouth and on my lips that lingered a while after the chocolate was gone.  It was probably sexy in the same way that Spanish Fly is supposed to be sexy, but I'm not going to question it.  The little chocopod (as the small bars are called) was just the perfect size, too.  Any more of it and I think it would have been too much. I'm sure I could just buy a regular size bar and break it into smaller pieces, but let's face it folks, I don't have that much willpower.  

Oh, chocolate, I've been away way too long.  *Swoon*

PS:  Sorry if this review sounds a bit porny.   I have just really, really, really missed good quality chocolate.  You have no idea.

CALORIES: 50  CARBS: Package Didn't Say
TASTE: NSFW Language, Y'all.

Friday, January 18, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post (which was written about a hundred years ago, give or take a few days) I have been trying to lose weight. The weight loss attempt has been one of the major reasons I haven't reviewed anything lately.  I'm not on a carrots and water only diet or anything, but I haven't really eaten much of anything interesting enough to review.  Regular, healthy food is kind of boring, am I right?  The only times I've really gotten to eat anything new and exciting and reviewable, I'm usually hunched over in a corner, growling at anyone who gets too close, and shoving it into my face at a rate that isn't conducive to actually writing about it.

Plus, y'all, I'm not so good at the whole dieting thing.  I get mean when I get hungry, and unless you wanted to read profanity laced rants about vegetables, I didn't think reviewing would be such a good idea.

However, even though I'm still on the elusive trek of weight loss, I just had something that sort of begged to be reviewed.  BEGGED!  It is a strange little beverage that I picked up at my local Fresh Market and it needs to be talked about.

I don't really know what possessed me to buy this.  Just looking at it kind of gives me the heaves, and as I have fairly well established, I have trouble with anything that has a strange texture, and no matter what one might think just by looking at this stuff, it would have a strange texture.  Bet on that.  When I was looking through the beverage cooler for something new and exciting, I came across this bottle and thought:  "Why not?"  At the very least, I figured, I wasn't actually going to drink this stuff.  I'd just leave it in my fridge until it expired and throw it away unopened because that's how I roll.  But no...this time I made myself promise that I wouldn't waste my money.  If I was going to buy it, then I was going to try it. 

I'm not a novice when it comes to actually consuming chia seeds.  I actually bought a 5 pound bag of them a couple of years ago, just out of curiosity, and have steadily eaten them in one thing or another.  I mean, I'm still not done with that 5 pound bag, but the supply has dwindled.  I've added the weird little seeds to just about everything, even sprinkling them on french fries at one point, but the one thing I would not...could not...make myself do is pour them in liquid and drink them.  I just absolutely couldn't do it.  I tried, I really did, but just the idea of the little gelatinous blobules having to slide down my throat just gagged me.  I'd read that whatever indigenous peoples that the chia seed pushers credit with first eating them used to drink them like that, as some kind of lumpy energy tonic, but I couldn't think about it without seriously almost horfing.

So why did I buy an already mixed bottle of chia seed slime juice?  Well, because it was pretty, OK?  It was pretty!  I liked the color, I liked the shape of the bottle, and the little floaty seeds looked like pearls!  I'm not proud of my reasonings, but there you go.  Don't you dare judge me.  Of course, I also like blackberry and hibiscus flavored drinks, and I figured that if I DID manage to make myself drink this stuff, I'd at least not be put off by the flavor.  Both of those flavors are fairly strong, so even if the drink was grassy or tasted green...the other flavors might cover that up. I was strangely determined to drink this stuff for some reason.

So anyways, as usual, I left the bottle in the fridge for a long, long time.  I kept looking at it and them pushing past it for something else.  I hadn't quite gotten brave enough to try it.  Had it not been for the sheer laziness born out of recovering from a nasty upper respiratory infection, insomnia, food poisoning and a  bad reaction to some codeine cough medicine, I probably would have passed it up again and just made a smoothie.  However, I was too tired and I didn't want to have to clean up my blender, so I grabbed this drink and a protein bar and prepared to try it.

I figured that the best way to deal with it was to just jump in with both feet and take a huge swig to start things off.  I had the protein bar as kind of a safety net, just in case the texture of the drink was too off putting, so with that open and at the ready, I dove in.

My first thought was "Oh, God...it's lumpy. It's slithery...it's, well, it's not so bad, I guess."  I took a chomp off of my protein bar, glad to have a foil to the the slippery, frog-spawn texture of the drink.  The blackberry and hibiscus flavorings were actually pretty good, and it even sort of gave me a kind of impression of eating ripe blackberries.  You know, with the seeds and all.  However, I couldn't keep up the illusion.  As determined as I was to finish the bottle, I had to keep my mind off of what I was doing.  It was like trying to drink Jell-O that had been firmed and then cut into tiny pieces.  Chewing the seeds only made it worse.  The taste was fine but the texture just got more difficult to deal with the more I drank the stuff.  It seemed like I'd never get done with the bottle.  Maybe it was the hydrated seeds that sort of filled up the empty space, but the amount in the bottle didn't seem to go down.  I tempered each sip with a bite of protein bar, and finally just convinced myself that I needed to pound that stuff, just to make it gone.  So I did.  I think I probably could have finished the whole thing if I hadn't looked into the bottle and saw the seeds oozing along the side of the container, but at least I got most of it down.  Whew.

I have to say, it didn't taste bad at all.  I actually liked the flavor I picked out quite a bit.  I was also really, very full when I was done drinking what I could, although some of that has to be attributed to the meal bar I was chowing on while drinking the Mamma Chia.  I even kind of think the name is clever, if you like ABBA puns of course.  Will I ever drink this beverage again?  I can't say that is going to happen.  Granted, I'm happy for the health benefits of the Omega-3s, fiber and calcium that I sucked down.    If the web site is to be believed:

“In terms of nutritional content, a tablespoon of chia is like a smoothie made from salmon, spinach, and human growth hormone. As tiny as those seeds are, they’re superpacked with Omega-3s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber and antioxidants."

I would certainly prefer to drink another Mamma Chia rather than the smoothie they describe.  I just don't think I could brave the sliminess of the product again.  Do I recommend it?  Sure, if textures don't bother you and you're looking for a new and healthy drink to give you an extra boost, give it a go.  It tastes good and has a lot of good stuff packed into it.  However, if you're like me and you wouldn't be able to get the image of purple frog eggs out of your mind the entire time you're drinking it, give it a pass.  

TASTE: Quite good, if you can get past the frog-egg texture.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You know, I'm not really certain how to classify this product.  I mean, it's not really food.  I suppose you could call it a food replacement, or something like that, but that doesn't really feel right either.

According to the website, Vaportrim is a "revolutionary" weight loss product that allows you to puff away the pounds by inhaling the flavor of your favorite desserts through one of these pretty straw things.  The idea is that your sense of smell and taste are so closely connected, that if you are exposed to the smell of food, your body sends signals to the brain to tell your stomach that it isn't hungry anymore. 

Or something.

I don't know, it's scientific and I don't really understand it, but what I get out of the whole thing is that you are supposed to inhale the contents of the tube and you'll get the taste and aroma of whatever flavor Voportrim tube you have and it's supposed to make you not want to eat sweets.

I came across a mention of this product the other day (don't remember where, exactly) and I decided immediately that I must have it!  I didn't know what it was, I had never heard of it before, but I didn't just want to try it, I needed to try it.  It was a compulsion that makes no sense, but here I am!

OK, that's a lie.  I completely understand why I wanted it.  I'm supposed to be trying to lose weight and honestly, with the exception of hardcore drugs or surgery, I'm willing to try almost anything.  Seriously, one of my biggest weaknesses is sweets.  I love, love, love all kinds of desserts (hence the trying to lose weight thing) and if I could suck on a stick for a few minutes and lose that craving, I was all for trying it. Wow, that sounded pornier than I intended. Sorry.

I ordered the product from the website (this post isn't sponsored, by the way. But hell, if they want to send me a box of these things and let me review each flavor separately, I'd certainly do it.) and got it in an admirably short amount of time.  I suppose I should mention that these things are a bit on the expensive side.  Each tube costs $9.95, which seems like kind of a lot.  I mean, I don't exactly know how the technology works, and who knows, maybe it's expensive technology, but still...it seems like a lot of money for something you can't even chew. Well, I mean, you can chew on it, but that's not how it works. But, I digress.

I ordered two flavors, Milk Chocolate and Pina Colada, because those flavors sounded safe.  By safe I mean that they seemed like something you could genuinely suck through a straw.  I thought it best not to start off with something like a cupcake or pancake flavored one until I got my bearings on how it worked and what they were first. Each straw is about the size and shape of those skinny cigars you can buy at convenience stores.  The ingredients on each box were identical: FCC Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, and Citric Acid.  I'd find that kind of odd, but they can do some amazing things with flavorings these days, so I wasn't too concerned.  I waited until a time when I was hungry, to make sure if it really worked or not, I uncapped the first one, and took a puff.

MILK CHOCOLATE FLAVOR:  My first impression was that I couldn't taste much of anything. After waiting a moment, I got a faint hint of chocolate, kind of like when you open a box of Ovaltine and some of the powder wafts up and you breathe it in.  It's not a strong taste, but it is noticeable.  The milk chocolate flavor does have a rather artificial tang to it, but it's not off putting or anything.  I suppose if you aren't getting to eat the real stuff, even a hint of the artificial stuff is welcome.

PINA COLADA FLAVOR:  When I opened the box, I could smell the coconut flavoring before I even popped the end off.  It reminded me of one of those scratch and sniff stickers that were popular when I was a kid.  It smelled artificial, but again, not off putting.  The taste was actually pretty good!  It was still kind of faint, but more pronounced than the milk chocolate flavor.  It actually reminded me of eating macaroons instead of drinking a pina colada, but I'm totally ok with that.  The coconut flavor is most pronounced, but there is definitely a sort of acidic taste that follows on the heels of it that hints at pineapple.  It's actually not bad at all, even though the flavor isn't very strong.

For both flavors I did get an odd after-taste that I can't really explain.  It's kind of acrid, but nothing a mint or a sip of water wouldn't take care of.

You want to know the neatest, most awesome thing about the Vaportrim tubes, though?  It's that you inhale the flavors, and you exhale a thick water vapor that floats around your head like cigarette smoke.  As I've mentioned on this site before, I don't smoke, but I still get kind of a little thrill by sitting in my chair and puffing on the tube and blowing the water vapor out.  Even though that part is mentioned on the website, I didn't understand what they meant, so breathing out a cloud of vapor was kind of surprising.  I think the Vaportrim system works kind of like those electronic cigarettes, but instead of nicotine, you're getting flavors.  Anyways, it was cool.  I know I'm a bit old to find that part fun, but I don't care.  Don't judge me.

My final verdict?  I didn't think it would work, but after taking a few puffs off of these I actually didn't feel as hungry as I did before.  Did it wipe out my hunger all together?  No, but I felt as if I were to get something to eat, I could settle for something smaller or less sweet.  Would I buy these again?  I'm not sure.  I think I'd like to try all of the flavors to see how accurate they are, and I like the product and the fact that they honestly seem to curb my hunger, but they cost just a bit too much.  I suppose I might buy one again sometime, but I'd have to wait a while to justify the cost.

Now, here is the clincher...do I recommend them?  Sure!  I mean, it is a bit "faddy" and it might not be for everyone, but I'd totally recommend that you try one.  If you get those little annoying hunger gnaws at odd times, it's a quick way to curb them, even if it doesn't squash them completely.  Every little bit helps, after all.

I do want to make one thing very clear, though. Vaportrim isn't going to suddenly keep you from actually wanting real, wonderful, sweet, solid foods.  There are no drugs or stimulants in this product that will cause you to lose weight without some work on your part. What Vaportrim does is give you an edge on being able to say no to those things by giving you a booster shot of flavors and aromas that might help you understand that your cravings are more emotional than physical.  They are a push in the right direction, not an Amtrak train to skinny town.  Don't expect miracles!

SERVING SIZE: About 5 puffs.
TASTE: Well...it all depends on the tube you order, I suppose!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm going to have to admit one thing before I review this product: I get the heebs when I think about drinking coconut water.  These are a different kind of heebs that I got from thinking about drinking coconut milk, though.

There are certain tests that any food or drink I'm going to consume have to pass before I can like them.  1) Does it feel weird?  I'm really, really, sensitive to food textures.  If it feels weird, I simply can't deal with it.  There isn't any kind of specific "weird" feeling that I mean, but if it feels wrong, I just have to leave it alone. 2) Have I ever had an unpleasant experience with the food?  If so...no dice.  For example, I once had a cheeseburger from Checkers at the same time that I was unknowingly coming down with a violent case of stomach flu.  To this day, even passing a Checkers while driving down the street causes me to become nauseous.  3) Have I heard anything odd about the food product that might turn me off from trying it?  

Well, this particular product falls firmly in camp number 3.

When I think about coconuts, I tend to think about them in the most common terms:  the shredded, sweetened coconut that you bake with, the creamy stuff that they make pina coladas with, coconut milk, the smell of suntan oil, and bras made out of the shells.  You know, all the stereotypical stuff.  
It has only been fairly recently that I've started seeing a lot of coconut water beverages popping up and reading about how good for you they can be.  I have also read that it is full of potassium and other good minerals and such.  However, in the process of reading about how awesome and versatile the stuff can be, I also came across the bit of trivia that causes the problem for me: coconut water can be used as an emergency replacement for blood plasma.


I know that it is unfair to judge a thing by one strange detail.  The fact is that many foods and drinks have been used for unusual, and non-comestible, reasons and should logically not turn me completely off of a thing. Heck, I've read somewhere that coke can be used to clean toilets, but that hasn't stopped me from having one on occasion.  However, the idea that coconut water can be used intravenously just squicks me right the hell out.  I don't know why.  Maybe because it makes me think of blood or something, and while I did go through an adolescent Vampire Louis/Lestat infatuation phase, I've never had the desire or curiosity to drink blood for any reason.  I'm hoping that most people haven't, but there is a weird kink out there for everyone, so you never know. 

Anyway, the fact that coconut water can be used as emergency blood plasma and/or IV dehydration fluid makes my throat physically close up. However, in the interest of trying something new, I purchased a container of Naked Coconut Water + Pineapple on a recent trip to Target. To the devil with psychosomatic throat closings! 

I decided to drink this beverage before going to bed.  I was having my usual evening rations of cheddar goldfish crackers and I needed something to wash them down with. I figured that I could get past the thought of blood if I were otherwise distracted by delicious goldfish, so I settled back with my snack and tested it out.

Nope.  NopeNopeNope.  It didn't work.  The taste wasn't bad, per se.  In fact, the taste wasn't much of anything.  It was like a completely neutral liquid with no taste at all except for the barest hint of pineapple in the background.  I didn't detect coconut flavor in the least, and, in fact, it almost tasted faintly salty in a way.  The salt wasn't residual from the crackers, either, because I tasted it before I ate any and still noticed it.  I was expecting sort of a watery version of a pina colada, but that isn't what I got.  It was like liquid nothing with a background scent of pineapple and a bit of salt.  It didn't taste bad, but then again, it didn't taste like anything at all, really. It wasn't pleasant for me.

To be fair, I know that my main problem with it was the idea of blood plasma.  Every time I took a sip (and I did finish the entire container) all I could think about was IV bags and sick people, which isn't conducive to enjoying any kind of food or drink, right?  Also, my palate may not be sensitive enough to appreciate the obviously nuanced flavor of coconut water.  I'll admit to that.

So, would I recommend it?  Probably not.  If we remove my admittedly unusual mental block dealing with medical fluids, we still get a bland, watery product that didn't distinguish itself in the least.  If you're looking for a natural hydration drink to have after a workout or something, it might be something for you to try, but seriously, if I had the choice, I'd rather grab a Gatorade.  It might not be delicious, but at least it has a flavor.

TASTE: Nothingness...with a hint of salty pineapple.